Industrial Drilling


Specialist contractors for industrial drillings are using specific drilling fluids to complete projects. Successfully completing an excavation or a drilling at best cost depends on the properties of the drilling fluids to achieve several purposes as:

  • Maintain continuous support of the excavation.
  • Carry cuttings to the surface and permit separation.
  • Reduce friction and improve lubrication.
  • Compatible with other construction materials as cement, casings and pipes.
  • Cause no pollution of the ground and groundwater and no harm to site operatives.

Industrial drillings are covering wide market segments as HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling), Mineral Exploration, Water Well Drilling, Environmental, Geotechnical and Geothermal heat loop drilling & grouting.

SNF hydrosoluble polymers are used extensively as performant additives in these applications to boost the performance of all types of water based drilling fluids and grouts.


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FLOPAM and FLOQUAT: Flocculants and coagulants for all types of water treatment and sludge dewatering.

FLOFOAM: products are designed to reduce foaming actions.

FLOBENT: Bentonite extenders and modifiers are synthetic polymers varying in anionic charges and molecular weight to bring low grade bentonites into or above API required specifications.

FLOSPERSE: Thinners, dispersants to function as a deflocculant to reduce attraction of clays and drilled solids, which produces unwanted high viscosity and gel strengths.

AQUASORB and FLOSET TH: powder or liquid water retainers used to absorb large quantity of water or to reduce fluid losses.

FLOSET CE: Long chain, high molecular weight polymers used either to encapsulate drilled solids to prevent dispersion and coat shales for inhibition, or to increase viscosity and reduce fluid loss.

FLOSET GEL: chemical grouting products for sealing and stabilization.


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