SNF specializes in water chemistry and helps treat, preserve, and recycle the world’s water. We are instrumental in addressing the growing scarcity of key natural resources essential for many new technologies. In Oil & Gas, SNF helps customers reduce their energy needs and carbon footprint.

We treat the water of more than 800 million people around the world and help thousands of industrial sites recycle their water. In mineral extraction, SNF provides solutions to help our clients grow while minimizing the environmental impact of their activities. In oil extraction, our products increase the amount of oil recovered from existing reservoirs and significantly decrease water consumption and carbon emissions per barrel produced.

SNF has the advantage and privilege of being positioned in markets that are at the heart of sustainable development issues and the forefront in combatting climate change.

To consolidate its position as a leader, SNF constantly expands its range of products and technologies through continuous investments in R&D. SNF also reinvests significant financial resources into improving and expanding our manufacturing assets to enable us to produce as close as possible to end markets.

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